Mario Pirovano has translated:

– from ancient French to Italian language
‘Le jeu de Robin et Marion’, medieval pastorale composed by Adam de la Halle, 2003 (he has performed this work with the musical group Ensemble Micrologus)

– from Italian to Spanish
‘Johan Padan a la Descoverta de le Americhe’ by Dario Fo (‘Johan Padan en el descubrimiento de las Americas’), 2008

– from Italian to English
‘Lu Santo Jullare Françesco’ by Dario Fo: ‘Francis the Holy Jester’, published by ‘BeautifulBooks’, Great Britain, 2009

‘Holy Jester! The Saint Francis fables’, published by ‘Opus book publisher’, Usa, 2017

Review on ‘Washingtontimes’

‘In his delightful “Holy Jester,” ably translated by Mario Pirovano, Mr. Fo has taken the mythic St. Francis of Assisi and transformed him from the sweet plaster saint of the Catholic Church into the boisterous man he really was, who scourged authority and upheld the dignity of the downtrodden’ (Corinna Lothar)

Library Journal Dec 2017, 93
‘A bold, bright Francis for our time, with illustrations to match, and charmingly translated.’ (Barbara Hoffert)

‘Johan Padan a la Descoverta de le Americhe’ by Dario Fo (‘Johan Padan and the Discovery of America’), 2002

‘La ballata di John Horse’ by Dario Fo and Jacopo Fo (‘The John Horse ballade’), about American Indians Seminole, 2011

‘Mistero Buffo’ by Dario Fo (Comic Mistery Play), precisely the episodes ‘Marriage at Cana’, ‘The miracle of Lazarus’, ‘Zanni’s Hunger’ and ‘Boniface VIII’, 2012

Four works of the Renaissance’s playwright Ruzante: ‘Prima orazione al Cardinal Cornaro’, ‘Dialogo di Ruzante che torna dal campo’, ‘Dialogo tra Galileo e il contadino Nale’, ‘La vita’ (‘Oration to the Cardinal Marco Cornaro‘, ‘The speech of Ruzante who came back from the battlefield‘, ‘Dialogue between Galileo and the peasant Nale‘, and ‘Life‘), in 2013.

Many friends native English speakers gave a key contribution to the translation, correcting the drafts of the texts, and gradually providing valuable suggestions.

Sincere thanks to:
Journalist Samuel Ansell, Photographer Na’ama Ansell, Dr. Sara Blower, Professor Michael Chiariello, Professor Judy Chiariello, Professor Judith Evans, Publisher David Grant, Dr. David McFarlane, Editor Antony Nott, Actor and director Jonathan Salisbury, Writer Dominique Selwood, Writer Rory Stuart, Journalist Marius Webb, Painter Christine Webb, Professor Tim Withmore.