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The Magic of the Theater

“In The Telephone it happens with the vision of the various phone calls made by an amazing Mario Pirovano who appears on stage inside a phone box made up by Lucy’s interlocutors while they are talking to her (her friend Margaret, in particular, is irresistibly funny with her make-up and gossipy spinster movements), while in La serva padrona it happens with the presence behind the characters of Vespone (always a very good Pirovano) who almost seems to guide and direct them. This becomes even more evident when he manoeuvres puppets in the guise of the characters during the action, which then in the finale become gigantic and impersonated by extras.”

Biografy of Mario Pirovano

Mario Pirovano (Milan, 20 April 1950) is an Italian theatrical actor, storyteller, translator and interpreter of Dario Fo’s monologues.

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